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MLNPstars hannable show us what great sexual communication looks like!

This week we were thrilled to receive a brand new #realworldsex video from spicy, recently engaged MLNPstars, hannable. Then, imagine our surprise when we started playing the intro video and realized it was 18 minutes long – a new record length! Typically, we recommend that our MLNPstars keep it short and sweet with their ‘free peeks,’ but this one really knocked it out of the park. Here are a couple of reasons why:

1. After watching the intro video, you’ll feel like hannable are your new BFFs

You know when you’re good friends with a super hot couple and you’re like, ‘Damn, I wonder what kind of sex they have, I bet it’s really hot,’ and then you resign yourself to wondering about it forever? Me too. But this time it’s different, because by the time you’ve finished watching hannable’s new intro, and have seen how cute and raw and open they are, you’ll feel like they ARE that couple. I was smiling throughout the whole thing, especially when they talked about their fave parts of the #realworldsex they just had, and I LOVED that I was able to click right on over and watch said #realworldsex. When does that EVER happen? Literally never. We are the only place on the internet (in the world) where you are able to really get to know a #realworld couple and then click on over to watch them get it on. Which is rad as hell.

2. They’re super awesome at communicating about the sex that they want to have

How cute, clever, and downright generous is it that hannable designed an entire drinking game just to communicate with each other about their #realworldsex, and then FILMED IT in order to share that communication with you. Mrs. hannable, as she calls herself, is super turned on and into BDSM / kink stuff, which her honey will totally do with her, even though it isn’t his favorite thing of all time. I LOVE THIS FOR SO MANY REASONS. I adore that she feels so comfortable vocalizing and articulating her desires to her fiancee, and that he is so willing to try something new, because he’s so turned on by how into it she is. They ask each other about their favorite parts of the sex that they had, and they both just talk about how connected they feel to each other, which is like, the whole point a whole lot of the time, amirite?! I love that Mr. hannable is so down to try something that might be a little out of his comfort zone to please Mrs. hannable, how and she understands that just because he’s tried something once doesn’t mean he wants to do it all the time.

This is a great reminder that if you try something new in the bedroom, it doesn’t mean that you’re taking a holy oath to incorporate it into your normal sex routine. If you try something new and it’s great and hot and fun, sweet! More to have in your back pocket. If it’s weird, whatever, on to the next adventure! At least you tried it and now you know more about yourself and your partner and what you do and don’t like.

3. They show that great communication over time leads to knowing each other REALLY well

The whole point of the drinking game was that you had to drink if you didn’t want to answer a question. Spoiler alert: neither of them really ended up drinking, because not only are they each comfortable answering all of the questions (almost), they also step into the other’s shoes and test the waters by sweetly answering for each other while their honey offers feedback. Each question leads to even more open exploration and understanding.

4. They’re adorably in love

In between jokes, kisses and laughing, the energy and connection between these two is undeniable. Not only do they talk about the amazing sex that they have, they also talk about goals for their relationship. They’re already getting married (where’s my invitation?), but they also plan on getting their own place and being able to decorate it and thrive in it how they want to. They also mention future videos they want to shoot — including painting themselves and then doing it on a giant canvas and hanging it up on the dining room. I NEED THAT #REALWORLDSEX VIDEO LIKE I NEED WATER. Seriously can’t wait for that one. But above all, they just seem so incredibly connected and happy to be with one another and on the same page. It’s so amazing to be able to watch that kind of chemistry with two people, and extra incredible that they share such a vulnerable piece of their relationship– their first foray ever into any kind of BDSM, with I am truly honored and appreciative to have been able to see it, and hope that you will be as inspired by it as I was!

Well, what are you waiting for? Click here to watch part 1 of hannable’s foray into kinky #realworldsex. Loving this raw and honest intro video? You’ll likely dig WeMegiddoStyle‘s intros, too!

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