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MakeLoveNotPornStars Make #RealWorldSex Videos For The Internet, And Here’s What It’s Like / BUSTLE

Written by Bibi Deitz for BUSTLE. Originally published on October 5th, 2015.


Several years ago, advertising exec and media mogul Cindy Gallop launched MakeLoveNotPorn in response to experiences she was having during sex with younger men — experiences in which her partners were replicating porn tropes in the bedroom and mistaking it for authentic love making. Not one to sit back and watch the orgasm gap widen, Cindy, as she is wont to do, took action.

And so was born MakeLoveNotPorn, which is a platform for real-world, homemade sex videos meant to counter two prevailing cultural ideas: that sex is shameful to talk about, and that because of our country’s silence surrounding sex, mainstream pornography is becoming the default sex education for a generation of young people (mostly men). MakeLoveNotPorn sex videos are all about removing the taboo and inauthenticity from our culture’s views about sex and recognizing the act as something honest, beautiful, fun, and worth celebrating. It’s not dirty. It shouldn’t induce guilt or shame. It’s should never make anyone feel humiliated or degraded. It’s not something that should be swept under the proverbial rug with embarrassment. And its not something about which the primary form of education should be produced by scripted actors in studios, in videos in which the male orgasm is viewed as the defining act of a sexual encounter. In our newest video we explore the startup company, which is currently in beta testing and rapidly gaining popularity, and we talk to a couple of MakeLoveNotPorn stars about what it’s like to make sex videos for the Internet.

MakeLoveNotPorn (or MLNP) is something of an anomaly: Though the website is quickly establishing itself in the porn community, MLNP is completely antithetical to the type of porn most people think of when they think of porn: Raunchy, male-centric sexfests that often leave the viewer feeling kind of queasy after watching.

MLNP aims to be the exact opposite of that. The videos posted on the site for $5 a pop are real-world sex, says founder and CEO Cindy Gallop. “Real world sex videos on are not porn, they’re not amateur, they’re simply about doing what you do on every other social media platform, which is capturing what goes on in the real world,” says Gallop.

Head on over to BUSTLE to read the full article, including 8 things you should know about MLNP right now!

Then, check out this post from Rickat, which tells the story of how this great mini-doc was made.

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