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“Communication is the key to any relationship”: MLNPstars Hannable on how they navigate new things in the bedroom

Written by MLNPstars hannable.


After receiving a three part (!) video series showcasing hannable’s first experimentation with BDSM-style #realworldsex, we asked them if they would be so kind as to write a blog post talking about their experience leading up to this kinky rendezvous. Since doing anything new requires great communication, take some tips from these communicating superstars on how to bring what you want to your bedroom!

They say communication is key to any relationship. Growing up, I always figured this meant telling someone how you feel or explaining why you’re angry, but I never made the connection that communication was key when it came to sex.

To begin, I’d like to give everyone the (in my biased opinion) cute way Mr. hannable and I met. Long story short, I worked at a bar that he frequently visited. He still recalls how he looked from my lower half — long legs, tattoos, butt — up to my red hair, and called dibs. After a few encounters, he invited me out for a drink on a night I had off. The whole time we played it cool, but really, we were texting all sorts of inappropriate things back and forth about lingerie, being videotaped, and so much more.


From that first night, I can’t recall any secrets we’ve ever kept. Of course, I have been hesitant and he has been hesitant to voice certain wants or needs, but as time has passed, it has gotten easier.

We both have fewer insecurities about telling each other what feels good, what we don’t like, and more. We respect each other’s boundaries — which is key. Even if I am (or him, for that matter) interested in certain things or exploring different realms, we would never do so without consent or without discussing it first.

This video was a long time in the making. I can’t even begin to explain how many times we’ve looked online or in person for lingerie and I have longingly looked at bondage sets or whips or anything of the like, but have never felt comfortable enough to say how badly I wanted them — until it came to Mr. hannable. And now we are the proud owners of a dresser drawer full of goodies!


This three part series was our scratching the surface of BDSM. It may seem tame to some people or wild to others, but what I can say is that it was fun to make (and watch again and again and again…).

It is the definition of our relationship — a ton of give and take, a few laughs, and much, much more. The beginning starts slow, but has all the awkwardness you’d expect when witnessing a couple experiencing something new. The second part is action packed with wax play, bondage, a good ol’ fashion flogging, and more. Then the ending, the third installment, may be the most #realworldsex we’ve ever filmed– the “ending” and the chatting that ensues after things don’t go as planned.


We will continue exploring our interests and boundaries when it comes to sex and when it comes to life in general. I hope you guys enjoy our journey into all facets of our lives as we continue sharing them.

Check out all of hannable’s videos in one place here! To read even more about their communication, read this piece about their intro video!

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