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So You Want to Give a Sexy Gift This Holiday? 15 Sexperts Share Their Top Tips / LoveHoney

Written by Krista for LoveHoney. Originally published on December 7th, 2015.

MLNP’s very own Madam Curator, Sarah Beall, weighed in on how to give a good sexy present to your special sweetie this holiday season on a panel of sexperts!



Have you ever given a sex toy or other sexy item as a holiday gift? Did you put some thought into it or just pick the first thing that caught your eye?

When you want to give something sexy or suggestive as a gift it’s a good idea to think about who it’s for, what it’s for, and when you will be giving it to the lucky recipient.

Sarah says:

“The foundation for great sex is great communication — that’s why our entire message and mission at boils down to three little words: talk about it. Before you get lost in an array of candy colored sex toys, it’s important to get a sense of what your intended giftee is looking for or interested in exploring at the moment. If the toy is for your female bestie, make some time to chat about your sex lives and slip in a couple of leading statements or questions. If you’re a woman, you might lead by mentioning something you’ve really enjoyed lately and how she responds. You never know, you may discover that she hates having her G-spot stimulated, when you were just about to splurge on a high-end toy that would have ended up languishing in her bedside drawer for the next 5-10 years!”

“If the toy is for your lover, have a look at their collection and what you’re using together on the regular. If they’re not already dropping hints like gingerbread cookie crumbs, initiate some pillow talk about what they’d like to try next. Not only will this help you hit on something they’d like to try, it could also lead to a great conversation about what you guys like/would like to try in general. I’m personally a fan of being direct, so if completely surprising the giftee isn’t all that important to either of you: just straight up ask if there’s a sex toy they’ve been eyeing.”

Finally, don’t forget to wrap up their new toy along with a note that says it includes the gift of a few #realworldsex videos of their choice, to really get those holiday fires burning!

Head over to the original post to see what other sexperts like Epiphora or Erika Moen have to say! If your present is a smashing success, be sure to share with us 😉


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