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A Love Affair With the Camera by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn

By MLNPstar Doris_Dawn.

What’s a marriage without an affair? A sailing ship without a storm? Or a gymnast with no leotard? Oh, that is already a fetish out there: even if you wish for a few calisthenics in the nude, that thing must stretch on you, at all costs, all the time. A masturbating fantasy. Hubby is no leotard fan, although a loyal masturbator. He is the one who brought the camera in our marriage. For me to develop a love affair with. To be honest, with time, he has brought more than a camera to our bedroom, living room, bathroom, staircase, backyard, garden, fields and who can remember where else we felt the urge tomake love – to each other or to the camera(s).


Sounds so exciting! And it is. The thrill to film and post your intimate moments for the world to watch and criticize. Critic is more important than praise, because critic is always a #motivator while praise could be just polite. The major problem with the intruding camera is that it has no legs of its own, and no brains. One of us needs to sacrifice resources, to hold it, to move it, to zoom it, etc. When I’m the one doing this (like in the kitchen filming that we called ‘Pleasuring the Camera’ , the appearances may at least work. Especially when I imagine a touch ten times warmer and envision the sounds more ample. Thewatcher can be easily tricked by the captures of the camera.


Because anyone knows that we’re producing erotic content – even if romantic and cuddly and married, the records are home-made videos, not industrial, not cliché (so we hope), but erotica nevertheless. According to the standards out there, #realworldsex is “just sex” on camera is like raw milk and pasteurized milk is “just milk” or rosehip juice and ascorbic acid is “just vitamin C.” What’s the difference?! The subtle distinction is that, when hubby has to hold the camera, then half (if not all) of his brains focus on that little thing and this makes his little man feel neglected, abandoned… to my fingers and to my lips and tongue… to my uplifting labor.


The cinematic industry calls this a POV, or point of view. We call it a love affair with the camera. A distraction that we enjoy having.

Head over to Doris’ profile to see all of the lovemaking with Don and the camera that she’s shared with!

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