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10 Scientific, Practical Reasons Why Morning Sex Should Be a Bigger Part of Your Life / BUSTLE

Written by Becca Grimm for BUSTLE. Originally published on January 8th, 2015.


When it comes to having morning sex, the early bird catches the … I’m not even gonna finish that one. We’ll stick with this: Rise and bang, y’all. There’s much more than double-shot espressos or punishing treadmill poundings waiting on the other end of an early wake-up call. Morning sex has so many perks that you’ll forget it was ever tempting to hit snooze.

For whatever reason, conventional sex culture holds a powerful association between boning and nighttime. For most people, canoodling time traditionally comes at the close of a day, when both parties are wiped out, hair askew, nerves fried. The hours before sleep usually sees us with bodies depleted of the spirit and vigor necessary to make sex anything other than relatively blah. Plus, it’s dark, so what are you even looking at right now? Often, when a workday starts winding itself down, the only thing that sounds particularly enticing is takeout and your couch. Sometimes, you can summon enthusiasm to get yourself and another person off, but liiike … shouldn’t you want it more than that? It doesn’t have to be this way, guys.

Not that I don’t get why we tend to put sexy time at the end of the day in our mental planners. It’s usually before sleep, when couples are spending any awake time in bed together. In the morning, it’s all about soaking up as many moments of sleep as possible, so there isn’t a lot of downtime before you actually have to get up. For pairs who are still dating, that mostly happens at night. But all of that aside, doesn’t it seem more logical that we would enjoy sex more if we did it during a time of day when our bodies were rested and fresh, with all of our nerves ready to do their most pleasurable jobs?

It’s time we shine some complimentary light on this hugely underrated (and underrepresented), glorious breed of getting busy. You can make yourself a morning person, despite natural tendencies telling you not to. You might as well make yourself a morning person who also scores. There is seriously no reason to stay up all night to get lucky.

It Relaxes You For The Day Ahead

It’s hard to let bad traffic annoy you when you pull onto the highway alreadymad chill. “Couple sex with a cup of coffee for a fantastic start to your day … it’s more relaxing than a wake and bake,” VICE sex columnist Sophie St. Thomas told Bustle. Such truth. Getting off first thing in the morning can be kinda like a big bong rip or a consolidated yoga class — it calms frazzled nerves.

It Turns Your Brain On

Orgasms are good for your brain. Not only does la petite mort increase oxygen and blood flow to this vital organ, it summons other various nutrients as well. Essentially, having sex can activate your entire brain. YEP.

The Lighting Is Way Flattering

Sure, you’re still a bit out of it and less self-aware than normal, but the fact remains: When the sun hangs low in the sky, its light becomes diffused and softens. The “golden hour” is an actual thing that exists. It happens twice a day, once during the last hour of light before sunset (likely when you’re still at work, possibly enjoying a sad desk salad) and again the first hour after sunrise. I think we know the more realistic option between the two, if you’re looking to get sexy with the most help from nature’s dimmer switch. You can actually find the specific golden hour where you live, and plan accordingly for extra gorgeous grinding.

Head over to BUSTLE to read the rest of the article! My mind is personally blown from the golden hour detector– we would love to see you making some #goldenhourlovenotporn!


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