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MLNPstar VonBettie reflects on her creative year with MLNP!

Written by MLNPstar VonBettie

It’s been nearly a year since I first ventured into the MLNP world after running into the darling Madam Curator in Toronto last year, and as part of a brand new edition featuring all of my videos to date, I wanted to share my experience so far!

First off, it’s been really nice having a company that is so excited about the videos that I’ve shared. I’ve felt very supported and encouraged uploading videos over time. It seems people enjoy it – which is always a plus!

As far as how my videos for come to fruition, it’s really an interesting balance between finding people who are comfortable sharing their #realworldsex online and also finding people I could or already do have established chemistry with. I love having sex with people. It’s something I’ve known from a young age and I’ve definitely enjoyed honing my sexual skills as an adult.


One thing I’ve learned from working in the porn world, is that having sex with people I don’t have high levels of chemistry with produces crappy results. I’ve seen my own films and I know what it looks like when I’m having a genuinely good time. I can only imagine how poor it would look otherwise! Now, when I seek out people to make videos with, I look for folks with whom I have natural chemistry. If you’ve watched my #realworldsex on, you’ll have witnessed this!

The few folks I’ve asked to make videos with me have happily obliged! My partner, Ember, supports my sex work wholeheartedly. I’ve convinced her to shoot videos with me on numerous occasions — mostly because we look really good doing it! Ember is someone I naturally gravitate towards and I’m happy that she’s gotten comfortable with helping me in my video making adventures.

Most of the other people I’ve approached have been already aware of how personalized and fun erotic content needs good chemistry between everyone involved. It’s exciting to see what new fun ideas we can come up with because its our video and our story.


Now, on to the technical aspects of being a #MLNPstar:


Oh, the fun world of editing! It’s great to be able to add finishing touches to my videos, but it can also be time consuming, depending on how polished I want them to be. Thankfully, most of the videos I’ve filmed for MLNP have been pretty enough on their own and I haven’t had to do a ton of fine-tuning.



Filming itself is always better with more people in the room. On any scale, whether it’s personal or professional. My goodness, I wish I had 1 or 2 extra people at all times to help me film my videos. Luxuries like having different angles and close ups, or having the camera pan and zoom in and out all become available to you when you have another set of hands. That said, sometimes you just have to get creative and hang the camera somewhere or use more than one camera to get the angles that you’re looking for. You cross your fingers and hope the battery will last and it won’t cut out!

Technical issues:

The technical component of submitting videos to has gotten a lot easier for me, thankfully! When I first started out, I was having a lot of connectivity issues, and had the worst luck uploading. So, thanks to the MLNP crew for being patient with me through all of those weird technical setbacks.


I hope everyone sharing their #realworldsex on has had the same kind of wonderful experience that I have! I know that I’m grateful for the exposure I’ve gotten — like when I did a sex toy review with MLNP and Refinery29 — and I’m proud to have my name associated with MLNP and it’s mission. The additional income is nice, too! Cheers to us #MLNPstars!


Curious about setting off on some video making adventures of your own? Check out this blog’s how-to section for tips and contact us at with any further questions.

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