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Swapping our Lingerie by MLNPstar Doris_Dawn

Written by MLNPstar Doris of Doris_Dawn

To celebrate the National Lingerie Day in America, from Europe with love, we decided to please each other in lingerie. All the time. At some point, I had hubby wear mine, and me wear his. Fun factor aside, he becomes less functional in stockings, g-string and garterbelt (the bra didn’t match anyway). Nevertheless, I find him very cuddlesome, in any attire, or especially without.

Some say that after many years of marriage, certain items of casual lingerie – such as socks or undershirts – accidentally get swapped between spouses. Blame the washing machine, it is a fact of life. Not even an erotic one because, honestly, when you find out, you just ignore it. Except enjoying the feeling of belonging to someone, like I do when sensing his discrete scent coming out of his T-shirt, on me. But these random incidents turned our minds horny when reading Ariel’s message about the National Lingerie Day in America. How on earth should we celebrate this unprecedented holiday?

How about intentionally swapping our lingerie while in the middle of our love making? And in front of the cameras, of course, as if this would be a question. Very often, around orgasm, Don fantasizes out loud about his desire to be a woman – like me. What a wonderful occasion for us to experiment with these fantasies!

Being a no boxers, no undies, nothing under his jeans kind of guy, it took me some time to convince him that it would be a decent appearance to wear this old forsaken pair of underpants. He accepted them, out of curiosity, maybe. The undershirt is not a problem, never was. Same for the socks – he is accustomed to keep his socks while making love to me, especially through the cold seasons. At times, I follow his example. 

I opted for black lace lingerie– bra, g-string, garterbelt, stockings. We agreed to keep one’s piece of lingerie on us at any moment in the video. Did we succeed? I don’t know. What matters is that we tried. Hard.

A propos, after he has given me a couple of big and bigger O’s, after I kinda felt the buttons of his boxers on my chin (funny feeling), I dressed my Teddy bear in my sexy lingerie.

Here are my observations:
a. I really loved the looks of my stockings on his hairy legs

b. my g-string has evidently a weird air between his balls

c. the garterbelt seems to give him a bit of waist

d. my bra size can’t fit his chest.

Excited, I wished to play with him, to kiss and caress his legs, to taste him, around my g-string, and to have him in me, this way. The only thing was that his elastic dick didn’t respond to my stimuli. Was he inhibited by my lingerie?

While waiting for a rhetorical response, let me tell you that I felt great wearing his boxers, and his undershirt that looks like a mini summer dress on me. I’m fantasizing about beach days already…

Oh, did I mention that we shot this lingerie swapping video two days after our 28th engagement anniversary?

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