Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

When it comes to #realworldsex, lingerie is for every body

Colin/Gray love mixing it up with lingerie!

As a tip of the hat to National Lingerie Day on April 24th, our latest edition MakeLingerieLoveNotPorn is all about dressing up and having fun #realworldsex-style! While it’s not exactly news that frolicking in a gussied up pair of knickers can be fun, we think this holiday is a great excuse to highlight the way that getting #dressedup is as much about how it makes the wearer feel, as it is about whoever they might be wearing it in front of, be it a lover or a mirror!

Playing with clothing designed specifically for the boudoir can evoke different moods, enhance role-play, and allow us to tap into new and exciting fantasies. And, as hardcore lingerie lovers like MLNPstars Redfox and Rickat know, once the mood is set, it has the power to transform an ordinary day by helping to create the mental and emotional space for something magical to happen.

As we’ve witnessed on, it’s not just women who enjoy slipping on a lil somethin’ somethin’ to enhance their natural form — lingerie-play is for every body! Whether it’s Colin wearing something sheer and strappy while worshipping Gray, or Richard Coyote donning his fave pink cape and spandex briefs to transform into a queer superhero, we’re thrilled to have videos that showcase #realworldguys having fun with their underthings. What’s more, we love drawing attention to the fact that — surprise! — folks who have sex with guys like seeing their lovers try out different barely-there looks and often give feedback and suggestions, too.

Another way to have #realworldfun with lingerie can be to get all decked out with your sweetie and then do an underthings switcheroo! I mean how cute and coy was it when Ember put on VonBettie’s Valentine’s Day gift and then made her partner unwrap it by undressing her? That, plus the fact that Ember doesn’t normally wear lacy undies, drove Von Bettie (and us) wild! Or, how about when Tabby asked Monkey to wear her panties and he eagerly obliged? Or, Doris and Don getting in the mood on their 28th wedding anniversary by taking turns wearing either a saucy garter and stockings or a tank top and briefs?

The sheer (heh) joy our MLNPstars experience when getting dressed up in lingerie, and the gender-bending fun that sometimes ensues, tickles us in all the right ways. We love how dressing up as part of #realworldsex helps them go somewhere new — somewhere where gender fluidity reigns and they feel great in their bodies.

Virtual Fantasy Closet with Colin/Gray. Meow!

Recently, we were absolutely blown away by queer-owned lingerie company, Bluestockings Boutique, when they did a campaign where #realworld LGBTQA+ folks posed in cute and gender and body-affirming underthings. We think that Aerie’s decision not to photoshop models in their underwear campaigns is an admirable step toward embracing #realworldbodies in advertising, as is Mia Pielle Alpha‘s line of women’s basics that finally satisfies the desire/need for nude underwear that actually matches a more #realworld range of skin tones. would love to do a brand partnership with a like-minded lingerie company that’s daring enough to show their wares in #realworldsex action, worn by #realworldbodies! If you’re a brand that’s interested in this, or think you might know one, get in touch with!

Finally, we couldn’t talk about people stripping down to their skivvies and getting real without mentioning the fabulous What’s Underneath Project, which showcases “how style is not the clothes you wear, but the unabashed spirit within.” We were thrilled that MLNP CEO, Cindy Gallop, took part in the project by showing us what’s underneath her glam attire.

How do you play with lingerie? We can’t get enough of folks dressing up to get down and hope you’ll submit your #dressedup #realworldsex, soon!

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