Hi Saul,

Enjoyed the candor of this and… we have some things in common. Both body type (though I’m way older) and it seems a kind of spiritual awareness perhaps, as well as a passion for video-photo creation, incl. of one’s solo-sensuality….

While not a pro photographer and having shot no-one except myself, I have had a profile at MM (Model Mayhem) for years. I sent you both a friend request and PM there. Including a link to one of my videos what I call in my artsy, somewhat ethereal style. I was a shutter-bug in my teens decades ago and taught myself to use an NLE (Sony Vegas Pro) and use Steinberg Cubase for my music.

Maybe you already go notified of having been sent a PM at MM, but if not, cruise over there to your inbox. My username/profile there is Compassion Sensuality. The video is the M/masculine “presentation” of what that is as I have coined it. Sex-as-“prayer” in the tradition of Metta or Loving Kindness. My niche thing.

OK, that’s it for now. Perhaps we’ll converse further.

Again, nice article/blog. helps inspire me to think of submitting my own.
Take care and all the best,


PS: I have NOT re-coded my tiny labor of love as my website to be mobile friendly. Best seen via desktop or laptop. Haven’t done much over there for some time, but I launched it in 2003. Hopefully I’ll get around to modernizing it.