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Diving into MLNP: MLNPstar hand2rod on sharing his real world sex

Written by MLNPstar hand2rod.


I’ve filled out the MLNP application. I’ve loaded up my first video for the site and I’m ready to push the final “confirm” button. I notice my heart pounding, like when I’m aroused by a sexual experience and I’m right on the cusp of diving in. It’s exhilarating to savor sexy feelings. There’s an additional spark when I know that my own recorded experience can be a pleasurable experience for others. This might be a nightmarish scenario for some, but it gives me a boner. Actually, it does several things for me…

Professional porn is certainly not unique in inadvertently setting an unrealistic standard of body and sex “perfection” in our society. We are bombarded daily with hundreds, if not thousands of advertisers jockeying for our attention, and all of them say the same thing, “You’re not…. popular enough, or smart enough, or beautiful enough… unless you buy our products.” They promise laughable ideals of sexual satisfaction, romance, family, and happiness, simply by purchasing their products. Far more insidious than any porn company out to make a buck are the “lords of commercialism” who truly want us to believe that, “we are not enough” so that we will line their wallets. So constant is this message that most of us live in a kind of hazy lie that we are NEVER enough.

By the way: “The belief that you are never enough” is a pretty good definition of shame.

Therefore, I try to shed my layers to find my own sexiness within, and then to be proud enough to share it with the world is my way of “thumbing” shame and the consumer establishment. I will NOT be defined by the latest fashion or what someone else deems sexy. Without all of the propaganda, layers or additives (or the “need” for a relationship, for that matter), I am a deserving sexual person, just the way I am!
This is just one way I celebrate diversity, and though our society has made great strides in doing the same, we still have a long ways to go. Shame makes so many people sexually miserable. They believe the lie that their uniqueness has no value in this hyper-conformist society. We are still far more rewarded for fitting in and shutting up than we are at cultivating and blossoming our creative and sexy selves. So I just don’t want to live shame-free, yet quiet about it. There is a real need in our society for regular people like you and me to go out of our way to set an example at being ourselves.
To be sure, we are seeing a huge crowd of “sexperts” educating from their own unique perspective and making the beauty and value of sexual health known to the world – and it’s having a wonderfully positive effect.

It’s great that many of these educators can stand at the edge of the lake of sexuality, so to speak, and give great insights and advise on how to swim successfully, but nothing proves their point more than the willingness to simply dive in, and practice what we preach.

To me, that’s authenticity, and we need more of it! I don’t mind being the kind of educator who gets my feet wet, in fact, it feels great!


Yes! This is all suppose to be about having deeply satisfying and horny sexual pleasure. Sex is one of the only real ways adults can totally cut loose and play. I can attest, from first hand experience, that sex is indeed fun and joyful and even healing. I am set on maximum de-shame-ifacation and why do it in isolation? Join me. Create safe and consensual space and play heartily there in! If you feel so inclined to “share the love” on video, I’m finding that MLNP is a great way to expand that safe space in ways you may have never imagined. I raise my hand (and my penis) to the cause of MLNP to share and enjoy shame-free sexy videos of real and beautiful people having fun all around the world! Dive in!

Hand2rod is Sexologist, Jallen Rix. Watch his debut #realworldsex video here! For more writing like this, head over to the MLNPstars Speak section of our blog!

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