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The last time I had sex: Cindy, 56 / The Pool

By MLNP founder & CEO Cindy Gallop, as told to Hattie Crisell for The Pool. Originally published on August 30th, 2016.


“Because of my work and how outspoken I am, people get the impression that I have a great deal more sex than I actually do. The opportunities are there but, depressingly, due to both my travel schedule and my work, I’m not often able to meet up with the young gentlemen in question – so the last time I had sex was several months ago.

I meet the men I date on cougar dating sites. I applaud the rise of the niche dating site, by the way – everybody knows exactly why they’re there. This was a young man I had met online several years ago; he had come to New York on vacation, and proposed meeting up, which I was totally on for. I checked him out thoroughly, as I do, and he delivered against my key fundamental criteria – which is that no matter how casual this encounter is going to be, you have to be a very nice person. So this very nice young gentleman turned up – he turned out to be extremely good-looking, very attractive and great fun.

Earlier this year, he got back in touch to ask if there was any likelihood that I was going to visit his home country. Coincidentally, I had a speaking engagement there, so we arranged to meet up. We met in the hotel bar for a drink and we caught up on everything. He’s now in his early thirties and, since I’d last seen him, he’d been married – but they had separated, done a lot of counselling and ultimately divorced. They weren’t compatible, but he obviously cared for her a great deal and he was very, very upset about the fact that the marriage had not gone well. He’s a native of a country with a very macho culture, where showing emotion is not encouraged, and I was really taken aback by the level of self-awareness he showed as he spoke about the relationship and break-up. He was also still extremely attractive.”

You’ll have to head over to The Pool to find out what else happened!

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