Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

“I’m proud to say that my involvement with MLNP has armed me with the confidence to pursue and explore things that I otherwise wouldn’t have”

Written by Tabby of MLNPstar couple Tabby + Monkey.

I have always thought that humans are not a monogamous species. All too often, relationships fall apart and people suffer because they try and fail, at sexual monogamy. I never want to cheat and I never want Monkey to cheat on me. So we changed our rules. I can’t imagine that for the rest of our lives together, he will be the only person I will want to have sex with. Monkey feels the same. It’s because of these views that swinging seemed like a good idea.

I loved the thought of having hedonistic, satisfying, experimental sex and making connections with like minded people.


I’m pretty shy, so I think I persuaded myself that all of this was possible in order to get me out of my comfort zone and start meeting people. We joined a website and got stuck in chatting and e-mailing. It didn’t take long for me to realize that I struggle to connect with people via e-mail, or more specifically, e-mails that begin and end with with “hey what u into? wanna meet?” It felt laborious. I can’t connect with anyone that way or perhaps I just don’t have the patience to try. I would look through photos and read uninspiring messages and hope that I would find someone I was attracted to.
Our next attempt was based on the thought, “Perhaps if we meet actual people, there will be chemistry. So we went to a swingers social evening at a bar. The chap who greeted us at the door was very friendly, he recognized us from our pictures on the website and invited us in. I was terribly nervous but his demeanor calmed me a little. We went down the stairs into a cool basement club. The average age of the people there was slightly older than it would be on a normal club night but apart from that, it felt pretty normal. We got some drinks from the bar and found a bit of the wall to lean against and attempted to look casual.


It was a really pleasant atmosphere, people all around us were having friendly conversations like they had known each other for years. We noticed a group of people sat in a booth who were looking at us. One or two of them looked familiar so we went over and said hi. Turns out we had chatted a little online!

It’s an interesting way to meet someone, when you don’t know their real name or very much about them at all but you’ve seen pictures of their pussy on the internet and you know they love butt sex.


I can imagine it’s a similar scenario to when Cindy and Sarah came to London and met up a bunch of MLNP stars. It was a great conversation starter! We met some people who seemed cool and we had some great conversations about sexuality, swinging and I even met someone else who had worked as a webcam model!

I was still nervous but I was having a great time. After a couple of drinks, I remember thinking “Do I want to go home with this person? they seem nice enough” or “I could probably get it on with these people, perhaps we should give it a try”. We did not go home with anyone.

“Probably” is not good enough!


There was no lust, just curiosity. It was like I was playing a game of dares with myself. I was waiting for the desire to kick in but it never came. We had a good time but I’m glad we called it a night when we did.

We went home, Monkey and me, and had a delicious romp just the two of us. Why on earth had I been trying to convince myself that I wanted to swap him for the night?! For someone I didn’t even fancy?! It was not due to an unmet sexual desire or a need to feel wanted, I have considered these and countless other reasons. It was partly out of curiosity and partly that I wanted to engage with people and talk about a subject that interests me. Sex.

I’ve learned some valuable things from our brief toe-dip into swinging. Firstly I’ve learned it is better to pursue what I actually desire rather than something that sounds like an interesting concept, I learned that my sexual wants are more conventional than I thought. I also learned that getting outside my comfort zone can be rewarding in ways I would not necessarily have expected.


I’m proud to say that my involvement with MLNP has armed me with the confidence to pursue and explore things that I otherwise wouldn’t have. Who knows what other adventures this will lead us to.

Aww, we love Tabby + Monkey! Check out all of the #realworldsex that they’ve shared with MLNP so far here! If you want to read more like this, head over to the MLNPstars Speak section of our blog! Enjoy!

2 Responses to ““I’m proud to say that my involvement with MLNP has armed me with the confidence to pursue and explore things that I otherwise wouldn’t have””

  1. Tracy Windsor

    Hey there,

    Wondering if you’ve got a monthly pass for MLNP? I’d love to watch more videos, but $5 a pop is too much for my student budget!

    Please let me know.



    • madamcurator

      Thanks so much for your interest, Tracy! Totally get that $5 can feel like a lot and we really appreciate your support. We split our profits 50/50 with our MLNPstars so every 3 week rental you purchase helps support them and keep our site operational. We do plan to implement subscriptions in the future. Feel free to hit me up in the meantime if you’d like some personalized recommendations!!


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