Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

The #socialsexrevolutionaries bringing their friends to MLNP

Written by MLNPstars AllenandtheJean.

We might not show our faces on the internet. We might not tell ALL of our friends that we are MLNPStars. However, there are the blessed few that we’ve “come out” to. Among those are JanirasLovers and JessandRett.

We met JanirasLovers through a friend we were visiting while on a vacation. Janira was warm and bubbly, and was already shooting some art nude and fetish related work, so we thought she might like another avenue to express her sexuality through. We discussed MLNP with her, but we didn’t know if she was actually going to become an MLNPstar. We were happily and pleasantly surprised when we saw her introductory video pop up. She’s fantastic and we wish her the very best.


JessandRett are a couple that we’ve known, Jess in particular for several years, even before MLNP was a glimmer in Cindy Gallop’s eye. While we’ve never been anything but platonic friends, Jess was among the first sexually honest and open people we had ever met. She introduced us to many interesting people, among those, a woman who was our first adventure into the poly-world. Jess was instrumental in inducting us into some of the alternative lifestyle conferences around the country. We would probably have been too shy to attend any of those alone, but with her, it was easy. She taught us the lingo, the do’s and don’ts, and the “well if you decide to go there, keep this in mind, or prep in this way” etc. Jess was a sort of mentor and guide in these uncharted waters. It was very enlightening.


In the last year she met Rett. They fell in love and have become a close “couple” friend. Things are platonic between the couples, we don’t play together.

However, we are at ease with each other, a la nude, and many a decadent weekend has been spent in our hot tub sans clothing. We have no qualms about having sex with our partners publicly in front of the other couple – there is none of that silly societal shyness or shaming going on. Of course it helps to have a secluded and private property for these things.

We’ve been completely transparent about our MLNPstar status with them, but JessandRett only recently decided to film a video and submit it. We hope you enjoy their frolicking as much as we do. They are a beautiful couple, and you can feel the spark of their passion when you watch them play.

Is your curiosity piqued? We thought so! Watch AllenandtheJean’s MLNP adventures right here!

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