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How Banks Make It Hard for Sexy Startups / Fast Company

Written by Whitney Mallett for Fast Company. Originally published on November 16th, 2016.


“…Cindy Gallop, founder of the social sex platform Make Love Not Porn, argues that even when financial startups want to break the mold and work with adult content providers, they are beholden to the banks and traditional finance partners that underwrite their web-based services. “The new world order of money still subscribes to the old world order of money. They still say ‘no adult content,’” she notes.

These bans have far-reaching consequences. “Every piece of business infrastructure that every other tech startup can take for granted, we can’t because of the small print,” explains Gallop. “It’s massively inhibiting our business in a way that’s rampantly unfair, not least because my partner and I believe we can change the world through sex. We are working our guts out to make the world better for all of us, and the world of business and tech is doing everything it can to stop us.”

Still, she says, there are tech CEOs who are willing to work with adult companies with innovative ideas. “Our entire mission is to make it easier to talk about sex,” explains Gallop, whose site features curated pay-to-rent adult videos of real people having real sex, and aims to fairly share revenues with creators. “We want to take the shame and embarrassment out of sex, and when you do that, you tackle what lies at the heart of rape culture, sexual abuse, sexual violence, trafficking, many broken marriages, and many unhappy relationships.”

To start Make Love Not Porn, Gallop bootstrapped the site with her own savings and support from a single angel investor; the site now claims more than 400,000 sign-ups. With her noble goal, Gallop has got the ear of many financial startup CEOs like Ben Milne of Dwolla, a PayPal challenger, Patrick Collison of Stripe (they provide the credit card transactions), and Bryan Johnson, formerly of Braintree, a PayPal subsidiary that specializes in mobile and web payments. “They want to support us. They want to work with us,” says Gallop. “It’s the banks they are partnered with that don’t.”

Head over to Fast Company to read more about the battles we face at MLNP every day!

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