Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

MLNPstar Walter on his deeply transformative time at Mermaid Ranch

Efi & Walter in central park

Written by MLNPstar Walter of Efi&Walter.

Over the last ten years, my life has been in constant and unstoppable motion, getting drawn by currents and then trying to go against them whenever I’ve felt the need. It’s a constant state of fight or flight, that most of the times ends in fighting. Maybe because it’s a part of my nature.

I’m a sensitive guy, so I tend to absorb experiences way too deeply. I consider this a blessing because that allows me to exercise my empathy. This was a calling to help spread empathy as a means of transformation.


Sometimes there are things that just call to me, which was the case with MLNP. Efi and I found a calling for us there. We became vulnerable in sharing our love and sex with the world which also made us incredibly strong, both individually, and as a couple.

Then the calling for going to New York came. I decide to catch the wave and flow with it: let’s go to NYC, let’s meet all this wonderful people at last, let’s be recorded for a documentary, let’s fucking end shame and be proud of what we are, whatever we are, and share the love.

I felt like I landed in NY crashing in a ball of fire, breaking things in my path, and being broken inside. Facing such a place is really something, you have to confront its magic. It changes you if you fail to change yourself, but you know there’s no turning back.


A train took us to The Hamptons, one of the most surreal experiences that I’ve ever had. We arrived, got welcomed by Jason, and his big heart and kind soul, and got to Mermaid Ranch after getting groceries, including lots of rosé.

Mermaid Ranch is a beautiful piece of paradise; a house over a hill, by the sea, surrounded by trees and deers wandering around among them. I was immediately possessed by the spirit(s) that inhabit that land. I became deeply transformed.


All these wonderful people, finally in the flesh, made me feel like I belonged. Days passed, we cooked, made love, drank, cameras rolled, tears were shed, heartaches came and went and lives continued transforming. It was real magic and alchemy. I felt it. I still and forever will do.

Now here I am, and this is a part of what I want to be for this world in these times. The revolution is here, and I’m more convinced than ever that I want to fight.

Go see the documentary for yourself! To see Efi & Walter’s #socialsex video from Mermaid Ranch, click here!

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