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MLNPstars DesertDelight on discovering MLNP

Written by MLNPstars DesertDelight.

A friend of ours used to love telling a joke about the first time we met.  He’d say, “Here he was and here she was. When they met, they joined at the hip.”  It still makes us crack up because that is basically what happened. We attracted each other like magnets.  But over the years, and especially after having a baby, we began to have trouble connecting in the same way.  We still loved each other but the problem was that we were being affected by our own circumstance: parenthood.  It is okay to love and care for your kids but not at the expense of your relationship. So we realized something had to change in the sex department.

We began making sex videos for ourselves because porn didn’t do it for us.  We would see clips and felt bad seeing how the women were treated. It was a big turn off to watch people who didn’t look like they were enjoying anything that they were doing.

I searched for sites that showed everyday people having sex and when that didn’t get results, I decided to change the way I did searches. I’m glad I did because that helped me stumble upon a sex tech list of businesses that showed promise. It was a long list and I about gave up but pushed through to the end where I happened to find Make Love Not Porn. The site almost seemed too good to be true. I reviewed the videos with Cindy at the TED conference as well as Sarah talking about the site. The YouTube channel and MLNP intros for Efi and Walter, Modesty Ablaze, Skno1 and Hand2Rod left me feeling like I was among people who viewed sex the same as I did. It was open, supportive and all were having fun.

Posting our own videos has also opened up our sex conversations exponentially. By our third video we had decided to no longer blur out our faces because it didn’t make sense to block our facial expressions when we were enjoying ourselves. We wanted to share that passion with everyone.

We learned more about how to give each other pleasure without intercourse, how to set up camera shots to focus on the angles that gave us arousal, we have even started to discuss the use of sex toys in future videos. Just talking about sex openly has helped us shake off the last bits of uncertainty we had.

We no longer worry about our bodies not being perfect in the conventional sense because everyone is beautiful in their own way and stage of life. It is a pleasure to see all the MLNP stars comfortable and confident in how they look.

All the positive experiences we were getting from using the site helped us to make the decision to give financial support to MLNP. At Ifundwomen, people can donate for the advancement of #thesocialsexrevolution and help Cindy’s vision to build MLNP into a huge platform.

I and my wife cannot express the gratitude we feel for finding a place that puts the joy of sex back into people’s lives. We feel that healthy sexual attitudes can help our society progress from using pornography as sex education to openly discussing sex with our own kids. Our child is a major motivation for us because we don’t want to pass on all the negative views of sex we learned from our own parents.

I hope viewers of MLNP will eventually take the leap and upload their own videos. I also hope that they consider donating to the site so it will become a bigger platform and show the porn industry what people actually want to see.  I can tell you right now that working with Sarah and Ariel is a great positive experience. Sex is a wonderful, beautiful experience and we can all benefit from proper representation..

Want to see DesertDelight’s #realworldsex videos on MLNP? Look no further! To donate to our crowdfunding campaign and help fund #thesocialsexrevolution, click here (and thank you)! For more DesertDelight, follow them on Twitter!

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