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How Having Sex On Camera Healed & Ignited This Couple’s Relationship / Refinery29

Written by Sophie Saint Thomas for Refinery29. Originally published on April 26th, 2017.

“Efi and Walter have hot sex. It’s the type of sex that long-term couples crave: highly erotic yet deeply intimate. And you can watch them have it on the internet, since the two of them frequently upload videos of their aforementioned hot sex.
The Mexico City-based couple (link NSFW) has been together for over a decade. Walter was Efi’s first sexual partner, and as a result, the two opened up their relationship to allow for new experiences, though it’s clear from their videos that their relationship is wrought with emotional and erotic energy. Despite their bond, their time together hasn’t always been easy: Efi was sexually assaulted by someone else shortly after she and Walter started seeing each other, and she’s been working to reclaim her sexuality ever since. This is one of the reasons why the couple began having sex on camera for the user-generated sex site Make Love Not Porn (MLNP) four years ago.
The couple’s videos are filmed at home or outdoors while they’re basked in sunlight, and they’ve garnered a loyal following on MLNP because of the obvious sexual chemistry and love they share. They say that filming and sharing their intimate (and steamy) love-making has only brought them closer and helped Efi heal.
To learn more about what it’s like to broadcast their sex life to the world, and how doing so helped them recover from trauma, we spoke to Efi and Walter over Skype.”

To read the interview, which you obviously should, head over to Refinery29! To see Efi & Walter’s #realworldsex on MLNP, click here! For more Efi & Walter, check out their blog and follow them on Twitter! To ensure that we’re able to continue what we’re doing at MLNP, donate to our crowdfunding campaign!

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