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When I got pregnant there was no reason to stop: MLNPstar ezdoesit on sharing her #realworldsex before, during, and after pregnancy

Written by MLNPstar ezdoesit, who has been a member of our community since 2013.

My sensuality has always brought me a sense of strength, power, and joy.

I spent a year dating and cumming with anyone who I enjoyed. It was a time when the act of meeting someone and getting a glimpse into who they were and what they enjoyed made me smile. I relished in these brief encounters and soaked in the pleasure of the human body. Living daily with the possibility that anyone I met I could end up seeing cum in pure ecstasy. It felt fucking magical. Being carried by a man to devour you in the parking lot after just meeting him as you waited for your evening date. Listening to peoples desires to have you make their dreams come true with fishnets and power play. These various escapades were more wild and titilating than I could have ever thought was reality, I should write a book.

Then I met my now husband. He is more of a monogamy fan and appreciated my wild ways but felt drawn to me expressing my dirty wild desires with him alone. As we embarked on this journey of love I found that making videos was something I could continue that gave me that thrill. I have always had a bit of exhibitionist in my sexual tendencies so sharing online gave me a tingle. I had already been posting and so now I started creating ones for him to enjoy. We had fun sharing what I ‘did’ when I was thinking of him all alone while he was at work and when I got pregnant there was no reason to stop.

Watching your body change to grow a human is a mind blowing experience. There was something centering about knowing that even though it was hard to touch my toes I could still orgasm for days.

Becoming a mom it is a major identity shift in so many ways. Your body becomes more of a tool to keep this little being alive and your life is centered around their needs. I don’t want to loose ME. Just because I am now a Mum to this incredible little human doesn’t mean I’m not still that wild woman who wore a strap on to make a man have the best orgasm he could dream of.

To hold on to the me I love, the me my husband loves I continue to dance naked on the tops of mountains and post videos to make love not porn.

Madam Curator: Your videos have always been sensual but I guess one question I had at the end of your post is whether you feel more in touch with your body now that you’ve given birth? Do you have any tips for women who want to embrace their post-pregnancy body?

ezdoesit: Sarah, I do not feel more sensual after giving birth, pregnancy and breastfeeding made my body feel so utilitarian instead of a joy play palace. I would say that to give myself that feeling of honoring and rejoicing in my body and all it’s pleasurable parts took a lot of self love. Making videos, putting on lipstick, giving myself the time for a long shower. It’s important to know that motherhood does not mean you loose your sexuality and the business of life and juggling it all means you really have to carve out that time just for you to make yourself feel fucking fantastic!

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