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“Find Champions, Not Mentors”: Cindy Gallop Delivers Knock-Outs @ Mia SHEROES Summit

Written by Priya Das for Sheroes. Originally published on July 17th, 2017.

In the epicenter of transformative change, Mia SHEROES Summit found a bold spokesperson in Cindy Gallop, advocating conversation around taboo topics as seamlessly as always.

“Diversity drives innovation – gender cuts through it all”

An unconventional pioneer, Cindy Gallop’s sharp words strike a chord with all her audiences. Delhi saw it, so did Mumbai.

“Women challenge the status quo because we are never it.”

While men benefit from the unfair advantages for them in the workspace, they are as yet unaware of how an equal corporate structure helps them. “Break out from the old world order,” Cindy encourages. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re an innovative thinker or a brilliant inspiration – at the end of the day, you WILL go back to square one when you stay in the old system.”

Head over to SheRoes to learn more about how Cindy wants to redesign the system!

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