Pro-sex. Pro-porn. Pro-knowing the difference.

We are Constance and Eric, photographers of human sexuality

We are Constance and Eric, photographers of human sexuality.

About 8 years ago we came up with a concept to abstractly photograph couples having sex; real couples, real sex, all manner of variation. The idea was to render down our subjects to just movement, shape, and interaction; eliminating all labels such as age, orientation, gender, and so on. In doing this, the universal gestures defining human expressions of intimacy began to emerge and how that connects us became evident.


constance and eric

Constance and Eric

About a year into that we started getting calls from couples (and more) wanting to commission us for private shoots. Fast forward ahead 7 years and we have been commissioned to shoot a dazzling variety of sexual expression. 45th anniversary sex, orgies, first time, wedding consummations (one in front of a large group), outdoor lovemaking at 10,000 ft above sea level in the Rockies, D/s play, veterans returning home, you name it, we have shot it. To this day we are still amazed at how the ways to express intimacy are seemingly endless yet, the heart of sexuality still remains intensely human and unifying.

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The whole core foundation of MLNP resonates an authenticity with us that we have witnessed firsthand from the hundreds of bedrooms (and kitchens, and dungeons, and stages, and mountaintops, and…) that we have been invited into.

There is no template for sex, no script, and certainly no editing. Pornography is not normal sex in the way that fast food is not normal food, it is fine to indulge but, a steady diet of it will cause immeasurable problems. Sex simply cannot be defined by an industry, it is defined by people. All too often that is forgotten and the limiting cliches of porn are mistaken as real which, in the absence of honest sex education, can pose a real risk to our society.

We have had clients who tried to perform according to what they learned from porn. During the multiple breaks we take during a session, we try to encourage them to make love for themselves, not for the camera. If they are able to break out from the unconscious conditioning of porn, without fail, every single time, those images turn out to be the best from the shoot.

There is a sexiness in authenticity that cannot be faked or staged, we see the proof in our work and we see it in the library of #realworldsex on

After close to a decade of still photography only, we have just begun to branch out into the moving image and are looking forward to contributing to the important, and sexy work that is going on at MLNP.

Constance & Eric

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