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Meet MLNPstars Angeno23

By MLNPstars Angeno23

We joined MLNP several years ago, and we were so ecstatic when we found it because it was the exact thing we had been looking for! We had been filming our sexual exploits, intimacy and downright amazing #realworldsex for years. To say we love watching our own videos would be a major understatement! At first we weren’t sure what the best venue was for our videos, so finding was a Eureka moment for sure!



Okay, lets go back to the late 90’s. We met during my senior year of high school, he was a freshman. We were friendly, and casually knew each other. I came to find out, years later, that he fell for me way back then! Okay, so after I graduated, I would still attend most of the high school football games. The future love of my life was playing, and I’ll admit I took a little notice. He looked so sexy in those skin-tight, black football pants, his glistening abs showing below his jersey, it was HOT! (Still brings a smile to my face every time I think about it). We never talked to in depth on any of these occasions, but simply exchanged pleasantries and mild flirtations. Oh, and a few smacks on his tight, muscular ass as I passed by him after a couple games.



Well, a few more years pass, and while I’m working the graveyard shift waiting tables, he and a few of his friends came in. They soon became semi-regulars! We flirted, and dropped sexy innuendos, but same as all the other times our paths crossed, one or both of us were unavailable. Until a few years later, when we found ourselves working together and we finally had an opportunity to see if the years of shared interest and sexual tension were as pure and deep rooted as we both secretly hoped!

Well, it only took one date and we didn’t look back. We spent 5 nights, sharing and absorbing as much of each other as we could, talking until dawn. Open, honest and raw! Resisting our desires was indescribably difficult, but when we finally gave in, it was worth it! That was almost 14 years ago.

We have always tried to be honest and open with each other and to ourselves, which didn’t come completely naturally in the beginning, at least not for both of us. But with a little bit of time, some reassurances, willingness to be vulnerable, and trust, it began to feel like second nature. Knowing I can talk about anything and everything with my partner has been essential to the growth of our relationship!

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