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Love blossomed: How C + N of honeyandbear met, fell in love, and began sharing their #realworldsex on MLNP

By MLNPstars C + N of honeyandbear

We met at a show N was playing in Cape Town. C strolled in wearing a green velvet dress and N was immediately attracted to her sultry curves and wide grin.

C had no idea that N was eyeing her up with anything more than innocent intentions. N had no idea how to get her number, but he managed somehow. The next day N, nervously, called to ask her on a date. C was pleasantly surprised and said yes immediately. Two days later they went out for cocktails and music (on N’s birthday) and the rest, as they say, is sensual history.



Those first two months were filled with home-made margaritas, ridiculous amounts of sex, belly-aching laughter…and, well, not much else. Through this all, love, as love does, blossomed.

N had been using MLNP for a few years before meeting C. He loved the philosophy behind it (read his previous post on MLNP here), loved the videos people uploaded and loved uploading his own. He told C about MLNP early on, and she expressed her interest in it.

C’s initial reaction, was “OMG, who would see it, I’d be so embarrassed, how embarrassing for people to see me self-pleasuring, or see me naked.” However, the more she thought about it the more excited she became about the idea of making a fun video. She went and checked out MLNP and it all looked so lovely, nothing nasty like she had come to expect from mainstream porn. Also, it kept ‘coming up’ (excuse the pun) in C’s mind every time she and N were getting it on…

One morning, on their final road trip together, before they would be parted for four months, C surprised N by saying, “Hey, we should film this one.” This became the first C&N MLNP video, involving warm morning sunlight, a rocking caravan (trailer) and a whole lotta loving.


C and N have now been together for almost two years and have great fun making their occasional MLNP videos. They’ve made videos in South Africa, California, and Mexico…with more travels in the works for 2018. Filming their lovemaking is a tiny part of their sexy time, it’s not something they focus on or plan. When it flows and one of them pulls out the camera, that’s when it happens.

Check out C and N of honeyandbear’s featured edition and view their profile on MLNP!

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