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Our love is so big, playful, and caring, we wanted to capture it: Meet MLNP-stars Olivia+LazFyre

Written by MLNPstar Olivia of Olivia+LazFyre.

We’re so excited to join MakeLoveNotPorn and we’re looking forward to sharing our intimate moments with you.

Laz & I met through friends in 2001. He handed me a book of his poetry and I knew right then that I had to know more about him. Our first date was in a quaint coffee shop downtown, where we shared clove cigarettes and mostly he just listened as I chatted nervously. We ended up going on another date, then another. That quaint coffee shop became the location for many of our dates.

Less than three years later, we were married.

We’ve been through a lot together, but one thing that has never wavered is our love for one another. Laz really loves me for who I am, and it’s beautiful. He encourages my little projects like knitting and cooking, and he supports me when I want to try weird things like mushroom foraging & goat yoga. He accepts all parts of me, he shows me how to be a better person, and together we thrive.

In 2011, we started camming together as a couple, and in late 2015 we began recording sex scenes together. All of our scenes were very roleplay-centric, and often Laz didn’t appear on camera because most of the content was POV.

However, in April of 2016, we began hiring models to co-star in our productions.  We’ve hired 20 women so far. Our scenes range from reality-style, to sensual lovemaking, to intense role play. One thing most scenes have in common is that they are scripted and choreographed. We write the scripts, we choose positions ahead of time, and we write each scene to the range of the star. Though what we produce is considered “amateur” porn, we work hard to make the best scenes we can. Yet it is truly porn. For the most part, we capture rehearsed actions & reactions.

While we love what we do, we also want to make content that is more realistic… that is, in fact, real. MLNP will allow us to do that. Our love is so big, playful, caring, and we want to capture that on film. We want to forgo the written lines, the roleplay, and the put-on moaning to show you what it’s really like when we make love. Sometimes there’s fumbling. Sometimes we giggle or joke. Sometimes I get so lost in the pleasure that I make silly faces. And that’s fine because that’s what real lovemaking can look like.

I am grateful to the porn industry because it pays our bills & it’s a fun job, but so much of it is fake. Fake scenarios, fake moaning, fake orgasms, and positions that I rarely- if ever- do in the bedroom when I’m making love.

Our work in porn has enabled us to live the kind of lifestyle we want to live. We are our own bosses, and while we’re very strict bosses, we also have freedom. We love to travel within the states, taking road trips a few times a year to national parks. One of our favorite things is being on the road together.

We love being together and being ourselves when there are no cameras on us. And we wanted to try being ourselves on camera too.

So what you’ll see in our submissions is real lovemaking, real emotion, real orgasms, and only positions that we do when no one is watching. We hope you enjoy this intimate peek into the bedroom of a married couple who, more than a decade later, is still very much in love.

Click here to see Olivia+LazFyre’s debut video on MLNP! Want to read more like this from MLNPstars? Don’t miss the MLNPstars Speak section of our blog!

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