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MLNPstars DesertDelight celebrate their one year anniversary with MLNP

Written by MLNPstars DesertDelight.

It has been a great year of fun and discovery on MLNP! We even took our #realworldsex to new spaces. We do have sex mainly in our bedroom but we wanted to capture our spur of the moment encounters outside the bedroom, too. Mrs. D’s favorite new space was outdoors in our garden, which was a freeing experience. We especially enjoyed the feeling of the elements — wind, sunlight, and grass on our skin. Of course, the possibility of neighbors hearing or seeing what we were doing was there and that’s what made it excitingly fun.



Having #realworldsex in the kitchen was hilarious because we didn’t notice during recording that the table was inching forward every time Mr. D thrusted. By the end of the video we had slid to the middle of the space. It was so fun! We also really had a good time dressing up to celebrate the new year in our New Year’s Eve video. It was a simple costume with only the funny headbands but it brought out a playfulness that marked the festive part of the holiday.

We have interacted with several people who have thanked us for sharing this intimate part of our lives. They have praised our videos and pictures for being body positive and have even sent us fun requests.


We also enjoy renting other MLNPstar’s videos because watching them enjoy themselves always puts smiles on our faces.

We still get so excited when we finish a video and upload it. We have had some funny moments in our videos, like when we had to stop because our child woke up and walked into the room. We finished the next morning but thinking about it still makes us laugh. Another very #realworld video shows Mrs. D getting a cramp right after having an orgasm. There are videos where we had such a great time we failed to notice that the camera fell over and recorded the ceiling.


Being on MLNP has been the most fun, most adventurous, liberating, mind opening and best thing we have ever done together. We highly recommend everyone to not only join the site but to also submit videos so they can experience how wonderful it is to be a MLNPstar. We are so proud to be part of this site and the #socialsexrevolution and to have the privilege to interact with such wonderful people like Cindy, Sarah and Ariel. This has changed our lives for the better in so many ways. We look forward to sharing more of our sexual adventures and help change the world for the better.

To see all of DesertDelight’s #realworldsex videos, click right here! To read more like this, head over to our MLNPstars Speak section of our blog! For more from DesertDelight, follow them on Twitter!

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