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Call out for #metime videos!

Here at MLNP we love us some #metime videos! And, it seems our community does too — our last #metime call out was a huge success and folks are already asking me when they can send in their #realworld self-love videos again! (The answer to this btw, is right now, send them to me right nooowwww! We publish #metime anytime).

Someone once told me some of the best sex you can have is the sex you have with yourself. Making a video that shows off your masturbation style can inspire others to value their solo sexy times. Plus, it can give them (and you!) new ideas for how to explore #metime pleasure. As an anonymous member once told us, watching #metime videos on MLNP “made me realize I could be having a whole lot more fun masturbating.”

That said, in case you need a little extra motivation — turns out y’all like deadlines — I’m happy to report that our next edition dedicated to #realworld #metime will go live in late September and I’d absolutely love it if you would submit a little somethin’ somethin’ as part of it! Especially if it’s your first time sharing a video on MLNP.

Shooting a video by yourself is a great way to get comfortable with the camera and you can easily set up a stationary shot that will make it a cinch to cut your head out afterward if you want to remain anonymous. Just make sure not to shoot too close up! Remember that we want backstory and before and after too.

Are there unique places where you like to get off ? Do you have a new toy to try out? Do you and your partner use mutual masturbation to climax while having sex?

Loud or quiet, long or quick, raunchy or delicate, or however you do it — we want to showcase all the different ways people go about their #metime!

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, Sept 16th. I can’t wait to see what you have to share!

Feeling all, “#metime is great but I want to shoot a video with someone else”? Film your Labor Day weekend #realworldsex!

Please share this call out far and wide!

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