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How MLNPstars Malimi joined the Social Sex Revolution

MakeLoveNotPornstars Malimi talk about finding each other after 25 years apart, and what led them to the Social Sex Revolution.

Lady M: Mr. C & I dated many moons ago, long before sex was on the menu.

Mr. C: Lady M was my first real girlfriend and my first big relationship mistake. I foolishly broke up with her in Junior High because she wouldn’t french kiss me, something I really wanted to try.

Lady M: After almost 25 years of no contact we would reunite, thanks to the power of social media. Our diverse experiences in sex and love, while apart, was what we call “training” for our most loving and sexual fulfilling relationship.

Mr. C: Finding each other again has opened a door to a honest sexual exploration that I never even dreamed possible, if you watch our #realworldsex videos on MLNP, you’ll see that we’ve covered french kissing and so much more!

Malimi at their high school prom!

Both: While exploring our interest in erotica and sexual expression/art, we went on a hunt for better porn. We weren’t satisfied with the mainstream cookie-cutter barbie doll cock-shot porn and went on a journey into less-mainstream and more diverse real-world porn. We found lots of amazing producers/stars, we saw people having sex in beautiful settings, sex that inspired and turned us on, but we wanted something more.

We both love Dan Savage and had recently attended Hump! Film Festival for the first time. A festival of short porn films created by real world people. Seeing the diverse bodies, sexualities, genders, ethnicities creating fun, sexy, shocking movies inspired us to think about filming ourselves and maybe even submitting something one day.

Shortly thereafter Mr C remembered the Savage Lovecast with Cindy Gallop, the incredible mind behind the #socialsexrevolution and MLNP. We checked out the site and immediately signed up. We were hooked. Real people having real sex and all its glory.

Although we never imagined sharing videos of our sexual adventures we were inspired, and even honored, to get a peek into other people’s most intimate moments. We knew we had to reciprocate and be part of the #socialsexrevolution.

The filming, the editing, the previewing, the submission process, and the amazing support and encouragement we have had from MLNP and their stars have all been exciting and, to be honest, incredibly empowering and hot…we keep getting turned on by our own videos, getting turned on by seeing them on the site, getting turned on by seeing the number of times they’ve been rented climbing, getting turned on by all the #realworldsex on MLNP…and we just keep filming it and the cycle continues…so hot and beautiful and real. Thank you for starting us on this journey, MLNP!

Be sure to check out Malimi’s amazing #realworldsex! For more blogs like this, head to the MLNPstars Speak section of our blog!

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