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DesertDelight on representing MakeLoveNotPorn on Slutever

Written by MLNPstars DesertDelight.

When we first started posting videos to MakeLoveNotPorn, we understood that there was an opportunity to be interviewed by media. In all honesty, we never thought we would ever be chosen because we were new contributors, as well as novice videographers. Surely any media would have preferred to speak with other stars that had more videos or a longer presence on the site. Yet we were chosen, and here we are writing about our first interview with the show Slutever.

Even now, it still feels like it happened in a dream but it did happen and it was one of the best experiences of our lives.

We flew into the shoot on a weekday and asked to make it a day trip because we didn’t feel comfortable leaving our child overnight. Yes, it was silly since he was perfectly fine with his grandmother but we’re new at this and maybe a little too attached. That made it a very long day where we had to wake up very early to be at the airport which is an hour away. Boarding the plane was funny because people were trying to squeeze into tiny seats. We laughed and acknowledged this was a great time to be short so we were comfortable. Unfortunately, everyone was asked to de-board because there was on issue with the toilet. It wouldn’t be an adventure without a flight delay after all, ha!

Mr. and Mrs. D at the airport

We arrived late to the shoot but the crew was all very nice and professional. Karley Sciortino came in and introduced herself and was very friendly. We were so excited to meet her. We did not realize how much
equipment would be needed to make the episode since they needed to set up lighting both inside and outside the house.

It was so great to see how this all worked behind the scenes with all of the different types of cameras and lenses needed to get the proper shots and angles.

We then sat down and Karley and her producer talked about how they were going to do the interview while we sat down and were shown where the cameras would be, placing the microphones on us and telling us which direction to look. We were both nervous and were hoping we would be able to answer the questions well, even though they were things we talked about all the time. We did learn what a fun and open-minded person Karley is and had so much fun talking to her.

Mr. and Mrs. D with the whole Slutever crew

We did have to do a couple of questions over due to an airplane and traffic outside since the front door was open to get a good angle for the interview. It was so fun to see the crew work together making sure they all got the questions asked that they wanted and making sure the lighting and sound were just right. After the interview we did on the living room sofa, we went to the bedroom and discussed how we set up our filming, so we looked everything over and saw what we would do in that room. We then started to film the segment that had us all in the bedroom talking about how our set up would be and how we get started. Once we finished filming that section it was time to start filming some sexiness, so the crew set themselves up how they needed and checked to see how we were doing.

We loved this crew since they were just so much fun and were so respectful. We started out by kissing while on the bed and moved to taking each other’s clothes off down to our underwear. We then rubbed each other’s legs and feet together and moved to the shot where I removed Mrs. D’s bra. We started laughing during this part since I could not take her bra off quickly and struggled a little. I

t was so funny, because she usually doesn’t wear one so we do not deal with this problem and the style of this bra had more hooks. We shot the scene again with success but it still makes us laugh.

Mrs. D getting ready for makeup

After all filming was done we had a wonderful lunch and had a chance to talk to the entire crew. They seemed like a very tight knit group and we mentioned to them how we loved their teamwork and how well they all worked together. It really looked like they loved their jobs and loved what they were doing. Once we all finished the crew packed up and we took some pictures with them to commemorate the day’s work. We arrived at the airport early and talked about how wonderful the experience was. We never got the chance to go on a honeymoon but this experience was so fun that we felt like this was it. Our flight home felt quick since we slept the whole way. Once we arrived at home we went to our son’s room to see him and he was sound asleep comfortable from having a fantastic day.

We were so honored that MLNP reached out to us about the interview and that we were chosen by the crew at Slutever to be in the episode. They were so wonderful to work with and they helped us discover more about each other and we know that the more you talk about sex with no walls or restrictions you will have such a wonderful relationship with your significant other(s) and have a great sex life.

MLNP has been such a great and positive experience for us in our lives and are so grateful that Cindy Gallop created this wonderful site full of beautiful people showing the passion, love and soul touching experiences that so many in this world need.

We want people to realize they can have great experiences with loved one(s) and that communication and being open minded will set you free. People need a site like MLNP to help start the conversations that need to be had even if you feel you’ve had them since so many may have not dived in deep enough to really know each other so well that you see their soul and who they really are on the inside with no judgement and just feel loved and accepted for who they really are inside. We will never be able to truly express how much we love this site and how much it has done for us but we will never stop trying. We hope to meet the MLNP crew someday in person as well as other MLNPstars and will continue to work for the social sex revolution so others can start talking about sex, what they like and know what their values are when having sex so we can all start enjoying it the fullest.

Make sure to check out DesertDelight’s  amazing #realworldsex videos and the Slutever episode featuring MakeLoveNotPorn! 

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