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Real people try cosmo sex positions / Cosmo / Uproxx

You guys might have noticed that here at MLNP, we are all about #realworldsex. That’s why we loved these videos of people trying out some of Cosmo’s notoriously ridiculous sex positions. (BTW, hats off to for having some fun with this). One brave couple decides to attempt some adventurous positions from Cosmo’s Kama Sutra in the very public streets of New York City (in skin colored body suits), much to the disbelief of some passersby. The other video is real lesbians trying out Cosmo’s well-intended, but a little off “28 mind-blowing lesbian sex positions”. Check it out for yourself!

You can find the original postings here and here ! Have you had any success with Cosmo’s sex tips? Submit your #realworldcosmosex to MLNP! 

2 Responses to “Real people try cosmo sex positions / Cosmo / Uproxx”

  1. Eric

    I’m not lesbian, but enjoy lesbian sex videos very much (straight male). As undo- able as these positions turned out to be, I especially enjoyed one particular video, as it accidentally shows a kink I don’t see much. I (and my ex) am greatly aroused by women in sneakers. She probably wore those just for stability, but it was fun to watch. And yes, just like Halle Berry recently said she wears her rubber suit for sex sometimes (we do too), we love wearing sneakers for sex.

  2. charles howard

    pleasure and satisfaction are the goals not the how. any position that achieves that is good. discreet, spontaneous coupling or caressing in public areas is favored by many lovers.


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